For the first time, the Good Recruitment Benchmark Assessment Programme will enable organisations to effectively benchmark their performance against their peers in a rigorous, objective and confidential way.

Each benchmark award collects detailed and carefully validated data to provide an insightful “health check” of the overall internal recruitment function.The Good Recruitment Assessment will become the benchmark for organisations working towards improving performance through better talent acquisition.

The programme uses a ‘maturity model’ to enable effective objective comparisons.

Each participant will receive a report formed of a series of detailed dashboards showing an overall score for their TA function, scores for each category and individual scores for each individual question where they have submitted a response.

In a talent scarce world, industry benchmarks are the most insightful markers. They show not only how you compare, but where you can improve.

All submissions are held confidentially although individual organisations will be able to understand how they perform across a range of key measures benchmarked against their peers. Your data will be consolidated into all the returns to provide anonymous benchmarking data. This anonymous data will be shared with all entrants to the benchmarking process.

All individual company data will be strictly confidential. We may ask to share some examples of outstanding best practice but permission for this will be explicitly sought.

To share the findings from the benchmark programme, highlight a number of the key challenges organisations face and recognise best practice we are also launching the Good Recruitment Benchmark Summit to be held on the 22nd November in London.

The process for identifying best practice will be driven by the benchmark scores and a panel of independent experts who will determine the best examples within each of the benchmark categories. The panel will follow up with organisations highlighted from the benchmark scores to gather specific evidence of best practice.

The Summit programme will celebrate both excellence in talent acquisition and effective recruitment based on values of fairness, inclusivity and openness.


Participants are asked to rate themselves against a scoring system.

For example:

Rate your company’s recruitment strategies and processes which are focused on hiring for women for under-represented roles using the following scale:

1-3: Low effectiveness/performance

No data, low priority, just beginning to measure, not a business-critical issue

4-6: Medium effectiveness/performance

Some data, improving results, have recently (last 1-2 years) targeted this area, medium priority business issue

7-9: Highly effective/high performing

Extensive data and analytics, can track trends and insights, business critical issue, widely adopted in the organisation and recognised by external audiences

10: World class effectiveness and outstanding performance

Recognised as leader by peer group, deep insight, recognised for innovation in the field


  • Employer Brand and Candidate Attraction
  • Candidate Experience
  • Recruitment Supply Chain Management
  • Youth and Graduate Engagement
  • Employment Flexibility
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Onboarding
  • Recruitment Planning and Effectiveness

To download a detailed review of the assessment questions and the results, please enter your name and email address.


If you would like to speak to a member of the Good Recruitment Team, please contact us to arrange a call.

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