All submissions are held confidentially. Individual organisations will only be able to see their own scores but will be able to understand how they perform across a range of key measures benchmarked against other aggregated submission data.

Your data will be consolidated into all the returns to provide anonymous benchmarking data. This anonymous data will be shared with all entrants. All individual company data will be strictly confidential. We may ask to share some examples of outstanding best practice but permission for this will be explicitly sought. TALiNT Partners and the REC will comply with all GDPR legislation.

As part of each organisation’s on-boarding process, we emphasise the value of providing objective responses to ensure accuracy. There is no benefit to scoring too positively (or negatively). The more honest the self-appraisal the more valuable will be the comparative data in the benchmarking process.

For the Awards process, the benchmarked submissions will only create the short-list. From that point, a judging panel will evaluate each submission and invite shortlisted organisations to attend a judging day before awards are decided. We are confident that winners will demonstrate best practice and have the data to prove it.

We will be able to confirm this once the application date has closed. We anticipate several hundred applications

The benchmarking assessment process is open to any organisation with a talent acquisition or in-house recruitment function, or smaller organisations/business units where recruitment may be run as part of a generalist HR function. 

We have had interest from a whole range of organisations in terms of size, industry, public and private sector. We believe there is good practice to be found in a diverse range of organisations.

Yes, as long as you specify what part of the organisation your answers reflect.

There are 8 categories you can enter where we can use data to provide  feedback and a benchmark report. You can enter as many or as few as you wish.

The programme costs £495 + VAT regardless of how many categories you choose to complete.

No, you can save your entry as you go along and return to complete it. You can make any changes up to the point you press the submit button.

Yes, we would actively encourage this. It is important that your answers reflect as much as possible the practices that are going on across the organisation you are describing. Getting input from colleagues, other employees and different departments will help build a complete picture.

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